Want to see what everyone thinks about this. I really want my ex back.

Ok, here is my whole story. My ex and I dated for almost 2 years, me being his first girlfriend and him being my first boyfriend, along with being each others firsts. We were long distance for most of the time due to him going to college 3 hours away from me but he would come home every other weekend to see me. We have been broken up for almost 8 months but he wanted to stay friends and still wants to stay friends. He was curious about what it was like to be with other girls, and I thought It would be better for him to have that chance. In between these 8 months, we continued to have sex but with no relationship. I realized that I was getting too attached... so I called It all off. He is now home for 3 months because of summer break and I messaged him to see how he was (we Haven't talked at all since we agreed to continue having sex without a relationship) and he told me that he messaged me "hope things are going well" but my phone was shut off due to not having money to keep it on, so I never got the message. He then said that he was back in town if I wanted to hang out. I said sure and he said he was free all the time. So yesterday, I tried to get him to hang out but he was with his roommate that he has at college and then today I asked again and he said that another friend was coming over. I Haven't talked to him today... so that's my entire story, from beginning to now. What do you think? And I'm sorry It's so long... :/


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  • Seriously? He wanted the chance to be with other girls and you were gracious enough to give him that chance? Do you have any respect for yourself?

    I don't mean to be harsh, but you're not being fair to yourself. You invested two years of your life to a man who you will remember the rest of your life since he was your first. He decides to end it with "I wonder what its like to be with other girls" and you want him back?

    I'll begin by saying that exes should not be friends. What reason should they be? Think about it...who wants to sit and idle by and watch their ex get a new significant other, causing them to wonder why this new person is good enough but they aren't? Being friends after dating is insulting...its saying that you're good enough to be friends, but not good enough to be seen in the romantic light without giving them a reason.

    In your case, you allowed him to have his cake and eat it too by continuing your sexual relationship after your exclusive one ended. He was clearly taking advantage of you during this time, and when you think back at the times when he was unavailable, odds are those are the nights he was with someone else.

    Here you are, 8 months later, having no idea how many girls this guy hooked up with, after using you for sex, and pretty much teasing you to hang out and you're still stuck on such an awful person.

    I really think you should move on to a guy who loves you and you only, and doesn't wonder what it would be like to be with another woman. I would advise you to leave this guy alone and avoid him. Don't text him, don't call him, no talking, etc. He's not looking for a relationship with you. At best, he wants a hookup (which is unhealthy for you)


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  • It seems that you need to open your options again. He's not coming back. He's just seeing you as friends with benefits.


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  • It won't be the same as it was. You had your time and place with him and now it's part of the past and it'll probably serve you best to keep it there. You are hurting now because you 'want to be friends' and even though he said he wanted to see you, he's making plans with other people a priority over you. What kind of frienship makes you hurt more often than makes you feel good? I highly doubt just sleeping with him w/o a commitment made you very happy either . . so any type of 'relationship' you've had with him since the break up, has hurt you more than helped. That means it's time to let it go. Not everything is meant to last forever, so don't tarnish the good memories by layering over them with a whole bunch of new bad ones.


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