Ex trying to be friends again after two months?

So my ex broke up with me because he wasn't ready for a serious relationship and didn't want to be in any relationship right now and felt like we were growing apart but still liked me a lot. In The last month of our relationship we were both pretty busy and we hadn't hung out in a while and barely talked. So after we broke up we had very minimal contact, with him initiating everything, mainly the normal how are you, and being a little flirty and touchy. Its been two months of this on and off and just this past week he's been texting me three out of the seven days, him always texting first. Its always something random like hey good news or guess what, and sometimes he double texts when I don't respond to keeep the convo going. Also, in study hall we talked the entire time and would just joke around and mess with each other, and this past week we've probably talked more than at the end of our relationship. I want to become close with him again before entering back into a relationship because overall, we had a pretty good one besides our rough patch at the end. He did mention to a friend right when we broke up that he wanted to be friends with me again and start over, and I know for a fact he has never texted an ex before. I do want to take things slow with him, and right now I do not mind staying friends with him to kind of restart and rebuild a healthier relationship altogether. I don't think that being friends with him eliminates a possibility for a relationship because during our relationship he said he wanted to be with someone who he was best friends with and at the end we werent that close. so my question is, should I just continue on becoming closer to him because we already did the two months of LC (NC is impossible we go to class together), and also what do you think of my situation? I know its completely possible he just wants to be friends for now, I know that because he told me when we were breaking up that he wasn't even ready to be in a relationship with anyone, but I do still care about him and at the same time I want to date him and I don't mind waiting things out, and if anyting I'll just gain a close friend.
-ALSO, he told me he never liked anyone as much as me and never had a serious relationship before and didn't want to be in one because he wasn't mature enough. Two months later he sits by me in class like everyday and randomly talks with me...


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  • A friendship is as far as you should go.

  • You should really consider being friends with him but you shouldn't try to get back with him since your relationship will never be the same again.


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