I think he tells his family things what to do?

people tell me I'm a rebound for his last ex. they been together for some years now. I just found out I sound like her and I have the same month of birthday as her just a couple of days off. he use to take me out on dates and now he doesn't take me anywhere except for simple places like the store. all we do is sit in the house. he's 23 years old and I'm not legal to go to grown up places. on Facebook he makes me seem single even though his relationship status say he's in a relationship with me. he hid it. we took pictures today he didn't even like and his family member commented on the picture and she texted him wanting to talk to me and he said something preventing her from meeting me at all. I guess my biggest mistake was moving in. I don't go anywhere anymore he never take me out to places. people say its a big mature gap he's been out of school 5 years and I just graduated last year. he's more serious than me and he's like an actual grown man. he even talks to his ex behind my back and when he goes to work he goes over there. I cook.. clean..wash clothes..while he does neither job...he makes me seem so single on Facebook he don't have any pictures of me anywhere he just look completely single. his last relationship he had pictures everywhere and she was introduced to his whole family..they even went out since their both over 21... but in real life I don't know what to think...people also told me I can't jump to his level and I just graduated and they told me to move on because he past maturity he had his chance to make mistakes learn from them and I'm just starting out...he likes to hang around older guys they like to go to parties and grown people places. we Haven't been out in months...we use to go to church together that also stopped months ago..his friends use to talk to me...they don't anymore...i think I overheard him telling his friends he want to marry his ex because he messed up big time...im similar to his ex as people say...i even sound like her which I actually do...i actually ask him things it be excuses


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  • Are you out of your mind? Take your things and run for your life! This guy does not appreciate you for your true value and why the hell are you comparing yourself to his ex? Where is your confidence girlfriend?!

    This is clearly not a guy for you, think about it! He said he messed up big time with his ex and wants to marry her, so what role do you play in this relationship? He's a sick f***! Don't let anyone walk on yourself, ever!

    Now, confront him with everything that is in your heart, take your things and find a decent man!

    This is not love, he's using you!

    Good luck and remember that it's better to be alone than dating a douche bag!


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