Have you ever cheated on a partner? How many times? How many partners?

Give details to why you did it, what did you feel during\after it. Do you like it?


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  • 1 time. Our relationship was apart already, we fought a lot and I had it in my mind that it's over after his constant f*** ups (no he didn't cheat on me, it was other stuff). After our last fight we didn't see each other for 3 weeks but we were still sorta together and there was this guy that I was physically attracted to and so we did it. I never dated him, though, he wanted but we had sex from time to time (like f*** buddies), but that first time, though, it was really good sex, I still felt terrible, cause no matter what my boyfriend is and did, no matter if I was gonna break it up the first chance I get, he was still my boyfriend and it felt wrong. So when I saw him after those 3 weeks he wanted to patch things up and I broke up cause of our problems but I also told him what I did...he still wanted to be together but I told him it was over for me...Anyway, point is, even if the love/attraction (whatever I have with someone) is gone, I'm usually really loyal person as a friend, lover and girlfriend, so I regret sleeping with that dude when still in "sorta relationship" but I don't regret sleeping with the guy in general...


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  • I did one time, simply because the girl was stunning and the girlfriend at the time had wronged me before and I hadn't gotten over it.

    The girlfriend and I broke up not but 3 weeks after. Didn't feel much guilt, because the ex was a bitch. However I felt a lot of anger towards myself for not sticking to my morals.

    Did I like it?

    Hard to answer question. I enjoyed the sex. Probably the best looking girl I'll ever get with, and she was good.

    Having said that, wish I could go back and undo that night because now I have that permanent blemish on my moral conscious and I know that I will NEVER get rid of it.