How do I move this further?

Okay, so I like this guy and have liked him for a long time. We had a thing a few months back but through a series of unfortunate events we never dated or even hooked up. Recently, though, we have started talking again. He is very oblivious and shy, and so I almost always have to start the conversation with him, but this was the same way before when we almost dated. The school year is almost over and I want to know how to move this faster and get him to put some of the effort in. We haven't said anything about dating or liking each other, but I have no doubt in my mind that he would hook up with me, I just want to know how to turn that into something more. Any suggestions on how to move things faster, get him to text me or start more conversations, and in general what to do in this situation?


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  • You can't rush a relationship but there are ways to help it.

    1. If he is oblivious you need to somehow let him know you like him. Since he is shy he probably won't make any advances unless he knows you have feelings for him.

    2. Keep talking to him, if you keep talking to him he will become less shy around you and you will get more opportunities to ask him out or the other way around.

    3. Ask him out! Who says the guy has to do the asking? If he says yes who cares?

    Good luck, I hope for your success!


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  • Yes

    I know exactly how to speed things up. Believe it or not this may sound manipulating but it will work. (I played the shy guy role)

    Ask him out. Make it seem friendly, don't make a move at all.

    Make it a long memorable night. Dinner, movies, hookah bar, etc...

    DO NOT MAKE A MOVE! Make it a very friendly manner!

    After a successful night, don't text him for a week.

    He will be going crazy, and soon ask you to hang out again to relive that moment.

  • Ask him out.


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  • You will have to make a move because he is shy. Simply ask him out.


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