Doesn't know what I am to him

I have been getting know this guy we do a lot together mainly drinking and watching sports and out with his friends and I have met his family! we also kiss and cuddle and hell he even stuck his fingers up me! last night we talking and I found out when he gets drunk his sex drive gets higher! so I got a little upset and told him that most times we have been around each other he had been drinking and that now I felt like that was just his way of raising his sex drive to try and get laid! he replied back and told me he was sorry and promised I wasn't some quick shag for him otherwise he wouldn't be wasting his time speaking to me! I asked him if I was a quick shag for him what am I to him? and he replied with Don't know but promise your not a quick shag. How can he not know what I am to him? is he trying work it out? or do you think he has another girl too and gets his pick?
Wasn't a quick shag*


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  • You're really a quick shag, unfortunately.


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  • Normal guys don't need to raise their sex drive with alcohol, d***s work just fine sober. He maybe drinking just to get you drinking and that will increase his chances of getting laid. But unless he's just drinking all day everyday (in which case he's just an alcoholic). I don't think he's drinking to increase his sex drive, he just likes drinking.

  • You're really a quick shag to him. His actions tell so. Leave him.


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