Ex shmoke signals.......

i was her first real college relationship and I did some really regrettable things before she broke up with me, told her she has intimacy issues :/. We have a long history (she like me a few years back but I was messing around with another girl, she got a boyfriend, broke up with him for me yadaya) That was 5 months ago, now she's keeping in touch with one of my best friends the past few weeks and lo and behold I get a missed drunk dial, then she ignores me when I ask about it. I feel like she misses me but she's afraid of rejection if she reaches out, Because I've ignored her contact/friendshp attempts and told her we should move on. The reason I'm confused is she's a pretty girl with constant male attention, she's not the type of girl that has to chase guys or get validation from an ex. its all confusing...


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  • what is your question though?

    sounds to me like she is not that into you any longer

    • ya I'm probably reading too much into things

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  • Why were you being such a d*** brah?

    • i have my own issues. I've never purposely tried to be one though

    • Well in all seriousness, I really wouldn't read into one stupid drunk dial. She was being drunk and weird and probably just curious about what's going on with you. If there are no other signs at all, then she's probably past it.

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  • She's really hurt by your relationship because you keep messing around.

    • is that really why she's being like this? She hides the hurt really well

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