Is my ex in a rebound relationship?

We mutually decided to end things, though for 3 months after that decision we were seeing each other still just like nothing had changed, still in love, just toned things down a bit. We wanted to end the relationship to allow us both to focus on ourselves since we'd both been through a lot of life changes. After ringing me recently to pour his heart out, just a few days later he blocked me on social media. I knew this was because his feelings kept coming back so strong every time he'd see something of mine, he told me this. Then he met a girl, and after 5 days they became Facebook official. She has a lot of similarities to me in appearance and hobbies. He is openly promoting how happy he is with her. He's not known to promote who he is dating because he believes it's too personal for public announcements like on Facebook.

My question is, is this a rebound? 3 days after he poured his heart out to me he decided to be in a full on relationship within 5 days of meeting a girl. It's been 7 days now, and things are moving super fast with them.

I know he is emotionally torn, he is not in a good mind set with himself, with his work, with his living arrangements and I know he was wanting to find a distraction from me, in order to figure himself out. The day he met this girl was the day it felt like we officially broke-up, lost contact etc.

So naturally, as his ex I am struggling with this news, I really want him to be happy and this is great for him if it's working but I can't help but see this as a rebound relationship.


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  • it's hard to say. we are only hearing your side, and while he poured his out to you perhaps it was all an act, because like you said it seems hard to believe he could be pouring his heart out and then with someone a few days later. So maybe he had already met that person, maybe he blocked you in hopes that you wouldn't see his new relationship blooming.

    It's just really hard to say 100% that it's a rebound... but it does seem like it's a possibility

    • He definitely hadn't met this person until after the phone call. The phone call was extreme in terms of pouring out emotion but it was triggered because he was close to being in a car accident and he had regretted the way he'd been treating me the past few months. It was very sincere. I do know that he was looking for a distraction, not necessarily by being with a new girl since he was so focussed on not wanting to be in a relationship but he was lost and she came along looking hopeful.

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  • Most likely it's some kind of a rebound and tha't s why he's rushing into it so fast.

    But now that you're an ex, you should not focus on whatever he is doing; you can't change him now that you're split up.

    Focus on yourself and see when or if he contacts you again. Bbut don'tt spend timne checking on him and what he's involved in. He'll tell you if he wants to, and otherwise,it's no blonger your affair,is it?

    • Yes,

      My main struggle is I have no one else here, no friends or family. So it's just a matter of time before I can actually have someone else to talk to.

    • Didn't you say you guys broke up to focus on yourselves? Then do so. Stop focusing on him.

    • Go out to a coffee shop or any hangout that's got reasonable people and see if you can chat up someone else who is alone. Right now, it might be wiser to stick to other girls...they'd be empathetic.

  • From what you said I think his heart really lies with you.

    But he misses the friendship & closeness found in a relationship so he is finding it with this girl now.

    If you want him back I think he would come running back.

    pls answer mine too:


  • Let him be. She's vodka. ...your new name is aspirin...

  • Does it matter? He is your ex. Live and let live.

  • It sure does sound like.

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  • Let him be, find someone new, find some new friends. If you keep looking at his page and looking into it you will not be able to get over him. Rebound or not mind your own business or you will never get over him. Cut all contact. If its meant to be then one day it will find a way, until then let it rest if he never comes back oh well you will be happy and hopefully moved on by then


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