Lady's crushing your childs father with aid of the family court system?

If you knew your child's father still had feelings for you but you were dating someone else and really falling for him, would you put your child' s affection towards the father aside if it affected your new relationship, for example your ex wanted to spend the afternoon with the child but you had a date, would you tell your ex no because you had plans and didn't want him to interfere? Also, when considering child support, do you ever think of how the financial burden will prevent your ex from moving on? Like if you made the decision to become a single mom, would you expect to take responsibility financially? Or do automatically think you are entitled to ex's money regardless of how much he has given or how much he provides when he has the child? Lastly, do you care if any of this emotionally destroys your child's father, is it your instinct to use your child's fathers love against him? Does the biased court system urge you to want to become a single mom even though the father is loving and a hardworking man?


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  • if my ex had feeling towards me and I was dating someone else. I would still have feeling towards my ex if it ended mutually. if he were a good man and and a good father id still love him as much as you could your childs father. I stand up for my ex just because that is my childs father you are talking about. if I had a new boyfriend he would have to deal with me and my ex communicating and possibly spending time at each others houses (with our kid of course) because we are still a family whether the new boyfriend likes it or not. With child support... we do not pay child support to one another... however, medical bills are split down the middle, school payments/daycare and extracurricular activities such as swimming lessons, and ballet. If I were to take the child on vacation, I have to pay for it. I pay for the clothes and food and toys at my house, he does the same for his house. if I were to become a simple parent,. I absolutely expect myself to pay for my child in full. As for HIS financial burden keeping him from moving on... no way, I would have no pity. if he can't do the right thing and support his child to the terms agreed, then he cannot have the "burden" of treating and spoiling a new women in his life, the child should come first 100%. I wouldn't use his love against him... I'm imagining we split for a good reason, he's just gotta get over it like any relationship. I think every father who proves that he is a loving, caring, hardworking MAN should have the opportunity to love and support his child as much as he sees fit... if he's still with my mom for not. My ex was not a good father, but I stayed with him to give him the chance to step up. he failed to do so, so I went to get full custody of our child and it actually opened his eyes to see what he was missing out on, and really saw what he was about to loose. He fought back ( which made me very happy...really) and right then, I agreed to split the parenting down the middle, like it should be. neither of us pay child support, we go half on everything... if I want to buy her new clothes, I use my own money. same goes for the father.our child is happy with both parents in her life, neither of us are dating at the moment. I don't see myself actually dating for a few more years, my child is the center of my world and is she is not happy, no one is happy.

    • Great response. Mother just not happy in relationship, father not understanding how courts favor the woman if the relationship ended simply because she wanted someone else. Father just was happy with his little family and worked very hard to support. Father does want to be a single parent, he loves the child more than anything, but wants to be a father, not both. Father does not understand that if the mother chooses to be a single parent why this entitles her to have access to his money.

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