Do you ever find your thinking of the man you dumped? or even miss him?

This is mainly for girls.

Say you broke up with someone who loved you deeply, and was nothing but good to you. He never tried to contact you since you broke it off and never begged nor pleaded.

The question is - do you ever find yourself thinking of or even missing an ex whose heart you broke?

Thank you.


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  • Oh yes definitely. My ex was abusive but I loved him more than I had ever loved someone in my life. I was head over heels and for a long time I thought he was the one. But many people opened my eyes to how poorly he treated me and he was putting me through so much stress and abuse, it was making me ill! I had to leave him for my own good.

    When I told him to his face that I was leaving him, I was completely numb, like it was a dream and I saw the pain in his eyes. The pain I saw in his eyes, made me just want to say, 'nah I can't go through with it, I love you and want to stay!'. I have never seen someone's eyes change so drastically and show so much emotion before. But I knew I needed to go through with it for my own good. We had been battling through it for so long and he still didn't want me to leave him a long while after it. He didn't want to let go and he even looked all over the city for my new place of work to come and apologize. It hurt that I couldn't just run back to him but my mum got more involved and wouldn't let me speak to him or anything. He was just manipulating me to get back with him. He once came to my doorstep and cried for like half an hour. He cried so much he couldn't even stand and he told me he'd never done it for any other girl before (that's what they all say though).

    I was pretty depressed for a few months. I cried almost every day. Sometimes the urge to cry was so strong that I'd have to go upstairs to my room to let my heart out. I was in a very poor state and it took me roughly 6 months to move on fully and realize it was the right thing and I'm glad I did it because after all the abuse, I have become a stronger person and I have found a man who treats me so much better than my ex ever did! I think it's my reward for being strong and getting through it. :)

    But just writing this upsets me a little. Remembering the pain, his eyes and just how hard it was to move on from that relationship.

    Nearly 8 months on and it was only a few weeks ago that my ex asked for us to be friends. I kind of refused it though. I also hung out with his friends, he was there too and he asked me to dance as well as looking out for me and taking me home when I was really drunk and no-one else gave a sh*t about my safety. So I do feel like he does still care for me; be it in a friendly way or maybe more. I'll never know.

    • Hopefully my story can make you realize that us girls who leave you aren't the heartless monsters you think we are and it does seriously affect us if we love you guys enough! We don't want to do it but when it's for our own good, we will go through with it.

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    • I think I would still miss them a lot. I don't think she wouldve moved on in one week.

    • Thanks for BA! :D

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  • I think of an ex from time to time about old memories we had but that's about it never consider getting back together or even keeping in touch with him.


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