Why do so many people think it's okay to make plans just to break them with no notice?

It seems people now are only reliable in that they are absolutely not reliable!

The majority of the times I make plans with someone they cancel at the last second! Doesn't anyone's word mean anything to them?

Don't they realize that if someone makes plans with them for the night they turn down other invitations for that night which is incredibly frustrating when you've turned down other offers then sit at home all doing nothing because your plans were cancelled at the last minute!?

When your word doesn't mean anything to you what else do you have?


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  • Some reasons for cancelling plans are out of the person's control. Maybe they got called in to work, or they have something they really need to get done, or they have a migraine.

  • I don't think people make plans just to break em lol sh*t happens


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