Is it cheating to have a boyfriend and gf? &why is it that my guy is the only one that has a problem with 2 gi

So I like this guy, he's not my boyfriend yet but he might be soon and then there's this girl who I'm really feeling...if I'm not with him then I'm with it cheating if I make both of them mine? Now this guy I talked to has a big problem with females being in a relationship offense but unless you're a gay guy, what guy has a problem with 2 girls making out in public? I thought guys liked that kind of stuff or the guys I know do so what's the problem?

I guess I should've been a little clear...they're both fine with an open relationship...the guy that might be my Boyfriend soon isn't the same guy who has a problem with 2 females being together


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  • Not all guys. I definitely don't want a bi chick.

    If those two aren't in on this, it is wrong. If both of them agree to share you, it's fine, but I doubt that's going to happen. You're kind of selfish and I hope they see that.


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  • It's not cheating at all. As long as the other one's a girl, everything's fine.


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  • If both the boyfriend and the girlfriend agree to be in an open relationship with you, it's not cheating. But if one or both of them think you're exclusive, it certainly is cheating. And while most guys like the thought of two women together, not every guy does. It doesn't mean he's gay. You sound very mature btw... (sarcasm)


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