Why does she cut herself off from me if I make her happy?

We've been together about 6 months. It's long distance so we only get to see each other on weekends but we talked everyday a little bit. The last month she's been busy or had family problems and as of late has been very uncommunicative. We had a little fight over it but we smoothed it over. She said I make her very happy and that cares about my happiness and I told her she makes me very happy too. After that she went right back to ignoring texts and calls. I can't figure out why she doesn't want to talk to me at all. I'm worried she's depressed and I feel powerless to help her. Why would she cut herself off from me if I make her happy?


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  • She cuts you off because she doesn't want to bring you down with her. All she has to talk with you about is how horrible her life is going right now, that's no fun. You make her happy and she appreciates everything you do. If you could try and invite her to go with you. Or fly her out. She needs you to spend time with her. She needs a friend.


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  • It seems she's undergoing something which is really tough. You should meet up with her in person and see what you can do for her.


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