Did he really not still love his ex?

Ok I was going out with this guy who was also my best friend for about a year, before we started going out he had been on and off dating another girl for a while. When we were together she made up a lot of stuff about him and rang him up crying down the phone and stuff but he didn't tell me until I had heard from a mutual friend of the ex, he was on vacation with the boys in Cabo and he kissed another girl but I stood by him as after he told me he seemed so genuinely upset and I trusted it wouldn't happen again. A few months later I heard that his ex was saying that he rang her up drunk one night saying he still loved her while he was in cabo (he had always told me he had never loved her and that he had only ever loved two people me and his first proper girlfriend) anyway I ended up breaking up with him a few months after that not for a particular reason just I wasn't feeling the same as I used to but I still loved him as my friend, he acted absolutely devastated and I was so upset at the thought of him being hurt and did my best to be as nice as possible..A few weeks later he is back with his ex and I just don't know what to think its been a few months and they are still dating not going out properly but I just don't know what to think! Why would someone go back to a person like that if he hadn't still cared about her through our relationship is how I feel. I broke up with him so I feel like I can't say anything but it kills me seeing them together especially since she is such a bitch to me when she sees me! I pretty much resend our relationship especially since we were best friends for so long! Does anyone else think that it seems like he was lieing to me about not having feelings for her or is it just in my head?

P.S. sorry this is like an essay haha
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  • He's really lying though it's hard to tell.


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  • seems like an arse to me


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  • i know how you feel, I have been in practically the exact situation, apart from the kissing another girl while he was away, but when it happened to me I felt like he had been lying to me, once we had finished he got back with his ex within a few days and stopped all contact with me and acted as if we had never been friends. And it was from the way he had acted that convinced me that his feelings for his ex had never went away, and he only got with me cause we were so close.

  • It's kind of impossible to tell right now. It could be that she's just a rebound and a way for him to move on, but there is also a great chance that he actually did love her, and just lied to you about it, to make your relationship run smoother when she kept on calling him.


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