Does he like me or is it something more?

I used to work with this guy I like at Walmart. He looked at me every time he seen me, always tried to be near me, and before he walks off he'll turn and look back at me and stare into my eyes. We're not together (but we should be) and when he seen me talk to other guys he keeps looking and then comes over. He seen me with my babydaddy and he asked me who was that I was all booed up with? No me and my babydaddy are not together and I let him know that. He notices everything about me. He is a sweet laid back guy. He never touches me inappropriately. We have a mutual guy coworker friend. I notice he is happy around me. I came to work and when I saw him I started joking with him, then he told me his uncle died. My smile immediately turned into a frown. I asked him was he OK, he said yeah he fine. I wonder why he told me that his uncle died? Was it to see if I cared? It didn't seem like he told anybody else that his uncle died. I feel that he is the right guy for me and I'm the right gal for him. So I will not give up. Anyway please be detailed. Thanks in advance :)


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  • He really does like you. He told you that his uncle died because he's close to you.


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