Ex from 5 years ago? Are things different now that were older?

The last time I was on the site I was a Junior in high school. I had a relationship with a boy almost 2 years younger than me. It lasted 2 months because his mom ended it. She thought our age difference was too much and it wasn't acceptable. I also was close friends with his sister. That year, I left my school and the following year came back. We never had an official ending to our relationship. My whole Senior year I would see him everywhere I went, he'd show up near my locker when I knew he had no reason to be there, a lot of things happened.

I am currently a Sophomore in Colllege. I have a Freshmen boyfriend and he is one year and 5 months younger than me -- almost the same as this guy and me. I am one year and 3 months older than my so called ex. I call him my ex and we have admitted we were together at a time. I will be 21 and he just turned 19, my boyfriend is 19.

He goes to our rival school and my boyfriend goes to my school.

I blocked and unblocked my ex on Facebook so many times over the years. He says he was 'just messing with me'

We have been talking almost everyday for the past 4 months.

He knows I'm in a relationship and I said I don't hookup and he said I can't admit that I'm not disappointed but there's other fun things we can do.

I don't know if he sees me as a friend or what.

He told me a month or two ago that he still has this sweatshirt I gave him and some pictures

We've been snapchating and texting, Facebooking, Skyped once.

He requested me on Facebook at the beginning of the year and I never thought we'd talking like this.

I haven't seen him since I graduated high school three years ago.

He wants to see me this summer.

If anyone can help me and talk to me about this and why he wants to see me after all these years when his mom and sister didn't like me and in result my parents didn't really like him either, thatd be so great. Thanks so much guys!

And I've been with my current boyfriend since September, 8 months
One year and 8 months older


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  • If his mom was opposed to it (because you are older, or for some other reason) the first time, it's unlikely that she will have suddenly changed her mind over a few years. You ask if things are different now that you're older, but you shouldn't do anything with him, because one thing could lead to another, and you might accidentally cheat on your boyfriend.

    Don't do "fun things" with him. You're not in a relationship with him right now. He says that, and he tries to make you feel guilty by saying that "you can't admit that you're not disappointed". He's speaking for you, and that's not a good sign. Don't let this turn into cheating. It doesn't matter why he wants to see you. It matters that you're already in a relationship.

    • Could you message me?

    • I can't message me because in your settings, you made it so that only friends can message you. If you have any questions, you can message me though.

      If I was in the guy's place, my mom might say the same thing. Once I liked a girl that was three years older than me, when I was 13. I'm from a religious and traditional place, so that wasn't okay. It doesn't have to do with parent's telling you what to do. It has to do with some tradtional beliefs and respect for parents.

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  • Word up on the what the man confucius says and if his mom picks to ends his relationships...really common now, that's lame

    • Well he was 15 and I was 17? We were under 18

    • Yea I remember you stating that,u wanna know the last time I've heard anyone cut off a girl they really cared about because mommy said so...not never...if you really care about someone, mommy, daddy, nor the pope is changing my mind,i didn't have to hit eighteen to make up my mind on that...

  • His mom's thoughts won't change.

    He wants to have sex with you.

    You already have a boyfriend, so move on.

  • It seems that he just want to get the friendship back with you.

    • or does he want a relationship? why does he have my things after all these years?

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  • Forget about what his parents did or doesn't like you or not.

    The point of your post is: do you still have feelings for him? if not, move on and tell him truthfully that you are indeed over him.

    I suspect he is still lingering after you because you two never had a proper break up and say your final good byes before moving on in life.

  • I think he wants to fool around with you.

    I think he knows his mum won't accept the relationship but he can't let go of the idea of you and him. So instead, he's thinking best of both worlds. Have the benefits of a relationships without being in one. Keep his mum happy, keep himself happy.

    Does your boyfriend know you're talking? He may not be too happy about it.. but, you need to decide if you want to carry on talking to him. Are you ready/wanting to accept you're just friends and that's all you'll be?

    • thank you

      yes he knows but he trusts me so the drama isn't too bad and the guy isn't at our school so they don't see each other

      i'm not going to alllow that to happen

      theres a game that my boyfriend likes and he's going to teach me it though so I hope he wouldn't take advantage of me like that

  • Yes, People can completely change personalities in a couple of months.


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