Will he change his mind? ):

He recently broke up with me because long distance was too hard on the both of us but after a few weeks he wanted to get back together again. By then I'd almost fully convinced myself that it was for the better and him wanting to get back tighter together made me really conflicted. At first I wanted to stay friends and then think about getting back together in a few months to give ourselves a little break so that we could hopefully see everything more clearly in the future and make a better decision on whether or not to get back together. But I've been missing him so much I decided I did want to get bck together. I told him that today and he said I don't know friends for sure though, ): do you think it's possible he will change his mind soon like I did? The timeline of this all is mid/late April- break up and hi asking to get back together last weekend and today I asked to get back together


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  • Fact is, if you get back together, nothing will be changed about the reason of the break up, the long distance. So if this is the reason why he has difficulties being together, chances are he'll still have a hard time with the distance. If you really wanna get back together call him or videocall him to talk about it, chatting or texting won't do it. Explain to him that you love him and want a future with him and how you two can make the relationship work despite the long distance.

    If that won't do it, I'm afraid there's nothing much you can do...except move but that's not really an option I think.

    • Oh I too ably should have mentioned this but it should be. Last year he couldn't visit much because his dad and stepmom were laid off and he was supporting his family. But his dad just recently got a job again and his stepmom should be getting one soon. He also stepped down from manager at his workplace so that he could get more days off. He should be getting a car soon and I will also be getting a car soon

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    • Well, sometimes things should be talked about. If it's important to you, which it is, let him know and that you feel like you should talk about it.

    • I did but he didn't respond and when I sked to get back together he said I don't know friends for sure tho

      So the topics closed for now pretty much /:

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  • It's really possible. It seems that he just can't keep going on without you.

    • I really hope that, just a few days ago he said "we're drawn to each other and just can't stay away" this was because last summer we almost broke up too but we were to sad without each other

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  • he said he doesn't know but friends for sure? doesn't sound like he wants to get back together,i think you should move on to someone local and someone who knows what he wants


  • Honey you are not a door mat. He cannot just walk in and out of his life as he pleases.

    Figure out what it is you want and tell it to him and be assertive


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