Does this make me a cheater?

I feel like I'm a cheater, but at the same time, I'm not sure. Even though this happened last year, I still wonder about it.

To make a long story short. I met this guy on a dating site. We dated a little over 9 months. It was a long distance relationship. We lived in the same state, just 3 hours away. We never met because of our work schedules and because he wasn't trying. we mostly texted each other, but Skyped, and called each other every once in a while.

So anyways, I hooked up with this guy I was cool with in high school. I did because we had a mutual attraction. He was here, my ex wasn't. Also, I was kinda lonely and wanted someone to be there. I never told my ex, nor did he find out.

So 3 months later, he randomly broke with me. He said that he stopped caring about me for some time now, and said our relationship was "nothing but a game" and that he wanted something real.

I felt like I cheated when I slept with that guy. My ex worked night shifts, so I would stay up all night to talk to him, knowing I had school or work the next morning. I was there when he need support. I even free willingly sent him money once to help him out with a bill. Call me dumb, I don't care, but what has been done has been done. but I really thought what we had was real. When my ex said reduced our relationship to a game, it made me wonder if I really cheated or not.


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  • Personally I don't think you can't constitute something as dating when youve never met.

    So no, you didn't cheat.


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  • Short answer, no. Long answer, no because

    Most likely he did much worse. If he was even really trying to be with you in person then all it was to him was a online flirt and feel he had someone to talk to and make him feel wanted. It's an old game that both sexes play. Not everyone but it happens. Bottom line shake it off and take it as it was. Nothing serious and just some good conversation.

    • It's not like something that I made up in my head. We were first started talking, he told me that he wanted to be in a relationship with me numerous times and wanted to give it a try. I really and truly am over him. It was just the situation that bothered.

    • So by your logic if two people in the relationship cheated, neither of them cheated?

  • Yes your a cheater.

  • No, you never cheated on him because you never met and you're not in an official one.


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  • You feel like you cheating because you did. You slept with another guy while you were in a relationship, that's cheating. How would whatever he said change what you did? You relationship can only be so "real" when you've never even met each other in person so in any case it doesn't sound like there was much meaning in all of it. Especially since you cheating during the relationship.

    • I know cheated and I regret it. I wasn't sure it would be considered cheating because even though he said he wanted to be in a relationship, when it end, he claimed nothing about it was real. So it just made me think was anything real. If that was the case, was there even a relationship to be cheating in. It did me something to me, despite what I did, because it was my first "relationship."

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