Should I Wait or Not?

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm a sophomore in college and this girl that I really like is a senior in high school. She's friends with my sister and we had been hanging out a lot and flirting for the better part of a year. At one point she suggested that we should go out but I, stupidly, told her no because I wanted to wait until she graduated. She's 18 and I'm 20 By the way. She agreed that it was probably for the best and that we'd become better friends in the meantime.

So then about 3 months later she was asked out by a guy her age and same high school and she said yes and they've been casually dating for 6 months. I say casually because I know they haven't had sex yet. They're more of that couple that gets together once a week and then just text each other. She even said that he told her he was going to break up with her before he goes away to college.

So basically while they were going out, she was still texting me every day and I'd still flirt with her a little and then almost every time I came back home from college she would hang out with my sister and then suggest that three of us hang out together. Whenever she did this she'd lay against me and hold my hand and rub my arms and stuff. Then one night she kissed me. Now obviously at the time I wasn't opposed to the idea but then I was thinking, if she's got a boyfriend why is she doing this? Is it that she really likes me that much and her relationship with her boyfriend is just a formality? Or does she just want the attention? Would she do this if we were dating?

The next day she did apologize and she said it was a mistake to kiss me like that. This was somewhat reassuring because she really is a sweet girl and this was out of character. But then a couple of days ago she basically said she wouldn't do it any more and she hasn't been texting me as much.

So is she losing interest in me or is she just trying to do right until they break up?

And then I have to wonder if I should even bother waiting for another few months or if I should just move on?



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  • Sounds to me like when she apologized and said it was a mistake she was feeling a little guilty because of this other guy. Maybe that's also why she hasn't been texting as much. Or maybe she really has lost interest. But unless you've done something to put her off, I doubt it. It'll be the guilt thing.

    One things for sure: you really sound like you're kicking yourself for saying 'no, let's wait till you graduate'. Life lesson: don't say no to things that might be good. YOLO.

    You could wait. Or you could move on. Or a third option: you could get cracking to win her now. All reasonable choices.

    • I actually talked to her about it the other night. She admitted she didn't want to text me for a while because she was thinking about me all the time and she felt bad that she had feelings while she has a boyfriend. But she basically said she can't help it and she wasn't going to fight it any more. I'd feel bad if they had a serious relationship but it's just a stupid high school fling and she said she wants the real deal. Just have to wait a little longer I guess

    • Sweet. I'm glad it's looking good for you. Thanks for Best Answer.

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  • It seems that they are now over.

    You should really make a move now. Don't let it wait again.


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