How can you tell if someone is a cheater?

We all fear our lovers would cheat on us behind our backs, It's a very crappy feeling. If you have been cheated on once , You will always have that thought your lover could cheat on you at any given moment.

People say social people are more likely to cheat over introverted people or People with more confidence over less confident people.

What do you think? Can we ever truly tell?


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  • Cheating is not a black and white topic it is so hard to say if someone loves you or not based on cheating there are two forms of cheating, there is emotional cheating where someone cheats because they fell unloved, mistreated etc. Than there are free cheaters who will cheat because they can and do not care about those they cheat on. And sometimes that is just the case, you end up in a relationship where someone tells you what you want to hear so you stay around and they use you along with others. Now can I say this is your situation no, this person could feel as though they may love the other person because they feel unloved. So without a conversation with your partner you will never know why they cheated. But if they are not willing to leave this person regardless of anything else you would be best ot walk away from it. Also before continuing in any sexual activities you both should be tested. I think talking is your best choice and if you both decide to continue your relationship counseling is your best option. :)


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  • Short answer: NO

    It sounds like you are looking for that 10 ways to tell she/he is a cheater. I've read those before and started freaking when my current boyfriend showed a sign, but I now I know I was just being stupid. Everyone is different. There's no way to truly know. So don't dump someone just because some online list tells you to.

  • you can't tell if someone is a cheater, you can however see signs of someone who is thinking about cheating or is.

    I was completely dedicated to my first boyfriend, so in love. But he constantly hurt me so I became closer to my male friend. He tried it on with me when we hung out one time and I never felt so special before as he bought me flowers and kissed me.

    Soon after I turned 18 I split with my boyfriend of two years and my now fiance was there for me after a mentally abusive relationship.

    As a cheat myself however, I'd say I became slightly distant with my ex and not as attached as I was. I had no sex drive with him and didn't make him sweets anymore or buy any little gifts. Ultimately, you only cheat once you fall out of love... In my opinion, but not brave enough to end it.

    But I'd never cheat again, so there isn't a type of person who cheats


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  • I think it's unlikely that you be able to find qualities of a cheater. It's probably more based on if they are happy with their spouse or not and if they are comfortable in their own skin.

  • You can never tell, that's why you need to trust your instincts and find if there's a change in behavior.


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