Help! is this his way of wanting to break the ice after so long?

I saw my ex last night at a friend’s fundraiser. He broke up with me over a year ago and we have not talked since we broke up, until last night. Typically, he will not have eye contact; his back is turned, and acts as if I don’t exist.

I walked in and saw him standing at the door; I did not acknowledge him because I knew the typical outcome.

Well I was wrong.

I went to get a drink from the bar and glanced around to see who was there, and when I looked up, he was standing a person away. We locked eyes to the point where you have to say something or else it will be even more awkward. I said ‘Hi, How are you?’ I got a head nod and a thumbs up. I laughed and said that’s good and continued glancing around.

The entire night he was standing by the front door trying to pick up a girl. I thought it was funny-she was clearly not interested. Nonetheless, I was sitting at the corner of the bar where he could clearly see me and I him. Typically, he makes sure to be as far away as possible. I don’t think this means anything, but I thought it was weird he chose to stand right by the door while everyone else was in the bar/dining area.

Later on, my friend asked if we all (about 10 of us) wanted shots. Before I could answer, my ex said loudly, ‘yes she does!’ (Pointing and smiling at me) I smiled and jokingly said, “eye, eye, captain.’ He smiled, then put his hand up and said high five, so I played along and he did the joke of, “high five, who’s a loser.” (it’s a meaningless joke, everyone laughed because he got me to fall for it. I laughed as well.) Finally, he said I’ll give you a real high five, puts his hand up, and I stick mine out, he says that's a low five, so I put my hand up and we high five. We cheers, take the shot, and then he just walks away.

My ex’s best friend told me last night that of all his [my ex] girlfriends, I am the only one he [friend] has ever liked with him[ex]. Which makes me feel good, but also, makes me miss him.

Whatever this was, I am glad it happened…it was almost as if he was trying to break the ice. However, now, I am just so confused. He broke up with me because he had too much going on at the time with family/work and his stress was getting the best of him. He said he didn't want to break up, but he needed to sort things out. We got along so well and everyone knew it. After the breakup, He spent the last year and a half dodging me at every chance, refusing to talk to me, and telling people he just doesn’t like me as a person anymore. Now I find out he is telling everyone he never had any animosity towards me and doesn’t mind if I am around.

Why would he all of a sudden change his attitude towards me and want to acknowledge me?


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  • It seems that he just want to get back the lost friendship with you.

  • He feels like he needs you again . And he probably sorted things out . He probably wants to get back to you too


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