Best place to move to be near LA?

I plan on moving to cali as soon as possiable just the timing has not worked out right. I’ve been out their and loved it , it felt like I was finally at home. But I’m a bit confused on wear exactly to move at. I love love loved the huntington beach area but i’m a little worried about being that close to the water. I want to be semi close to LA as I have a lot of friends out their, but I also would like to be near anaheim kind of in equal distance from those areas. SO wears the best place to live around their? I’d probally be moving either by myself of with my cousion and her kids. Any suggestions? And how is rent over their right now wear i’m at is about 1,300 a month and it’s small .


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  • Well any place near the beach is going to be more expensive. And there isn't really a middle of LA, Anaheim and Huntington. There's tons of city's all around these ares that I don't know too much about I live east of Anaheim not very far though. That being said you don't want to live in Orange or Compton. Also in California it's not all that far from say Pomona to LA it's the traffic that makes distances seem far. You can easily type in Anaheim or Los Angeles on map quest or google maps and see all the surrounding cities.

    • Thanks, I had looked at a map but didn’t really know much about the citys around that’s why I was asking .

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