How to get your ex back?

So I went out with a guy I really liked but it didn't work out my friends set me up with other guys I didn't know even though they know I'm shy with guys I don't know. He got jealous and said he didn't like me having boyfriends even though we weren't together anymore he never wants to talk or anything. I was broken hearted till a girl kissed him and I changed my personality completely to shy girl who never speaks to girl who doesn't care and doesn't get stepped on. He said he was sorry for even thinking of being with someone else but the girl again got in the middle and got in a fight with me. He's all pissed cause I didn't talk to him about the girl. I want to know how to get My man back with me only Help please? I really need this answered...


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  • Well here's one thing you can do. Step away from the situation, for now. Right now your ex is angry and we all know nothing positive ever comes out of an angry situation. If he wants to talk about the other girl, he will. Just give him time, don't crowd him, and let his anger subside and when you do get your chance make sure you stay calm and composed and make sure you're also willing to listen to him. Hope I helped!

  • You can't get him now. He's not worth it anyway.

    You should try keeping your options again, and find another guy.


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