Should I say yes? Should I say no?

well.. okay. Here it goes.

I have this boyfriend. we are together for 7 months and going to be 8 if I didn't break up with him. Should I tell him that I wanna get back together again? It's because he is miserable right now and I know it..

I broke up with him and it's because... I am leaving school in 2 months time and my best friend isn't from my country so she will also be leaving and going back to her country. I want to spend my whole time with her. so my boyfriend asks me to spend time with him during lunch time and I said I wanna spend time with my bestie... he got mad and then he tweeted " you don't want.. just go fu*k yourself" .. I was so shocked... I mean can't he just understand... That's why I did that..

now he is so freaking miserable...

Should I get back with him? yes,i still love him ...

Please heeeeelp :) thanksss xxx


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  • I think he needs to "man up" and you also need to compromise and make sure you spend some time with both of them.

    • yeah I do..

      should I say yes to him again or not? ...

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  • It still best if you just drop hints and let him make the move.


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