Should I be cautious about getting involved in possible baby mama drama?

When I first became friends with this guy, I knew the story with his baby mama. He found out she was pregnant, after they already broke up, which makes their relationship complicated to say the least.

Fast forward about 2 years later and he and I end up hooking up a couple of times. We have a very strong attraction to each other, and what I would consider to be a good friendship, but we weren't dating. I knew he was co-parenting with his ex, and that they sometimes even stayed together, but I trusted him when he made it seem like nothing else was going on. Eventually, literally right after the last time we had sex, he told me that he and his ex were planning to try to work things out since he felt like he never gave their relationship a chance. He tried to assure me that he was not using me, and was reluctant to stop what we had, and that his ex was also seeing someone else. At first I wasn't really upset, but the more I thought about it, specifically the timing of it (how do you have sex with someone else while thinking about a committed relationship with her?!), the angrier I got.

Once they were back together, he kept telling me all about it. He'd tell me all about how things were working out, and about parenting. I tried to just be a friend, and listen, but I just felt like him telling me these things about their life was inappropriate.

He even pressured me into a situation where we were all sitting together having drinks. I don't know if she knew about me and him but she certainly didn't speak to me at all. He said it's because she doesn't get along with women, but I felt like I was in the middle of some messed up drama that I didn't sign up for.

It turned out that he and his ex didn't work out, and then our friendship briefly ended with him and I having a huge fight. He didn't understand why I would be upset with him. I held in too many things until it finally exploded. We did make up, though things were awkward for a little while.

So now, after everything has cooled down, we are back to being friends like before. He was occasionally flirty, but cautious since our fight. My friends don't know why I even still talk to him, but I do like him still. I was content with keeping things platonic, but he recently confessed that he can't stop thinking about me. I can't stop thinking about him either, but I'm no sure if I should be strong and resist my urge to be with him.

I am not clingy, nor do I want he and his ex to have a bad relationship, but how do I trust that they are really over. I do not want to be the other woman, or even the implication that I've come between them. I also don't want to get hurt. It's just so rare that I meet someone that I genuinely like as a person and feel so attracted to.

Should I quit while I'm ahead?


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  • Yes, quit it whilst you still have the step ahead.


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  • Quit while you are ahead.

    Been there done that.

    His situation sounds messy and drama-ish.

  • Quit while you are ahead. I've been there done that...leave it.


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