I don't know whether to keep up NC or try and start a convo with my ex?

Well around a month and a half ago after 2 years together my girlfriend ended things, I can easily say that I was in love with her and I'm pretty sure she felt the same way. Before the break up things were going well, we had a holiday booked this summer and had spent a normal weekend together previously. At first she just wanted a break apart from me and some space which is fair enough and we had agreed to wait two months and see meet up again. Then within a week she had said that we were over and that she hoped I found someone that was right for me, since then she won't give me a proper conversation or tell me why she broke up with me, just telling me to leave her alone and stop making things worse for both of us. I have a feeling she's seeing someone else, but that's not for certain. But I just can't understand after two years of a very close and loving relationship that she can completely forget about me as if I never happened and can be seeing someone else already, I don't want to give up on her, I'd been sending her a lot of messages for about a month after we broke up which I know now is just making things worse for me so I'm not sending her anymore, now I just don't know if I should stick to NC and hope she doesn't forget me and will agree to see me in a few weeks time like originally planned or if there is anything else I can do! Please don't just tell me to move on and find someone else! I know that's what I probably should do but I really can't do it at the moment unless it results in getting her back
I'm sure she wasn't meeting with this guy whilst we were together as we always knew what each other were up too and she wasn't the sort of girl who would have cheated on me. But it feels like I wasn't good enough for her and this other guy is older and has a job etc whilst I'm still at uni. Breaking up with her was bad enough but the thought of her being with someone else and him replacing me is just so unbelievably upsetting!


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  • I think you are probably right,she may have met the new guy when you were together and hense taking a break to let you down easy and then making it a real break up..it sounds like she is with someone else...its up to you if you want to wait to see how it all plays out,but a person that loves you would NEVER behave in this manner,she will realize some day that she lost a soul mate,but it will be too late


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  • Keep the NC. Don't try starting a conversation because it will just bring back the feelings, and even when you get back together, the relationship will not be the same.


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