So yesterday was my birthday and my ex boyfriend who hasn't spoken to me in months...

wished me a happy birthday through private message. He said hey I'm so so sorry for not saying it earlier but happy birthday and I hope you had a good day today. I'm not going to lie that weirded me out some because I haven't spoken to him in months and him and I just don't get along. So yeah why the happy birthday wishes now and being all apologetic >_<


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  • Was the breakup a "good breakup" or a "bad breakup"?

    • it wasn't bad nor good break up we just didn't want nothing to do with each other and I stopped speaking to him and him as well

    • That classifies as a bad breakup imo...if yall "didnt want nothing to do each other", I don't consider that good breakup terms! :-P

    • then yeah bad break up lol but he's done this before where he would randomly text me and then disappear its like he checks up on me or something

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  • booty call?

    • wow just wow

    • Sorry. Just being honest.

    • Nah its all good I was just asking because it was weird why he be wishing the ex that he supposedly can't stand a happy birthday

  • It must be that he waited this long to talk to you again.

    • I guess but for what reason

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  • He wants you big time. He said a whole sentence instead of a two word message.


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