Girls, would you break up like this?

If you're the type of person who is "too chicken" to say certain things to people, would you break up by simply letting things die? What I mean is, after being in a relationship for 6+ months, would you just start ignoring your boyfriends calls and texts, and let the relationship die without a talk?


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  • No! I have to admit, I've done that to guys in a flirtationship, but in a committed relationship, there needs to be a talk! If a girl does that to you, she doesn't deserve your time anyway.

    • I did speak with her, fortunately we solved the issue.

  • I wouldn't. Whenever I've felt uncomfortable coming out with something I've just put it in an email so I didn't need to see the person's reaction in real time. (Childish, yes, but better than not saying anything at all.)

    It could be that she's truly the avoidant type, or it could be that she's being manipulative. Either way, without good communication, it won't get solved. I think you should just ask her. Just approach her in a non-threatening way and see if she'll open up to you. Of she doesn't, then you have your answer.

    Best of luck!

    • I brought it up recently. We talked it out and as expected there's still some tension between us, but for the most part the issue is resolved, I hope.

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