Should and how should we break up?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 months. WE are each others first boyfriend/girlfriend and first kiss too. We go to different high schools too. So we have not seen each other for the past two months, since my birthday. On my birthday, he claimed to have forgotten my gift. We never talk or do anything anymore. It'll be a week before he texts back. If we are texting about something he will just stop responding, never bothering to say bye anymore. He always claims to be busy. He said he was spending time at the hospital because of his grandma but when I asked how she was doing he was confused as to why she would not be doing fine. Lately, I've started crushing on a guy, but did not act or flirt and still felt guilty.

Should I break up with him? How do I do it nicely?

I'd like to do it in person, because over text seems harsh and like I do not care about his feelings. This is hard to do because I never see him.
His grandma was having trouble 4 months ago.


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  • I think it's time to let him go. He doesn't deserve you and clearly has no intentions of putting in effort to make things work. A relationship is work for TWO people, not just you. He's not giving you the time of day, yet a boyfriend is supposed to care about you. I always believe that breaking up in person is the right thing to do, however in your case, he seems to be treating you like your not at all important to him and he ignores your attempts to get together, so I say in your case, doing it through text isn't such a bad idea. He seems like a jerk. You deserve to be treated like you matter.

    just tell him "Listen ________, I've been trying so hard to be a part of your life and I've made a continuous effort to make things work between us, but quite frankly it seems as if I'm the only one who cares to keep this relationship going. I think we should breakup and move on. Relationships are a two way street, and ours only seems to be going one day. I think it's time we end this before things go any further." or something along those lines maybe.


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  • I don't think right or wrong, nicely or rudely fits in here. He'd been avoiding you and has been treating you with no respect. He might have been a nice first boyfriend for you at one time but I'm sure that time no longer exists. For your own best interest you need to move on without needing his approval. We each have our own lives to live and we are responsible for only our own. In a way, he has already broke up with you by ignoring you. He probably didn't know how to tell you in a nice way, so he chose to just ignore you hoping you catch on. I think you should just text him and tell him that since you guys aren't talking anymore and he has been ignoring you for a long time, you have decided it's best for you to move on and that's what you're going to do. Say something to that effect. Like it doesn't have to be those exact words. Thank him for being your boyfriend for the time he was your boyfriend, and then say goodbye. Move on with your crush now and don't feel guilty one bit. If people didn't more on with their lives and walk through the open door in front of them when one behind them closed, we'd all be stuck in a small room of stale air and blaming others for our plight. Do it as nicely as you can but do something ASAP! Texting him may seem harsh but he's been treating you badly so you may not have any other choice. Your trying to tell him in person may not mean as much to him as it means to you. Text him, and if he wants to meet you in person and that's OK with you, well then do that. He may even be embarrassed by meeting you in person so text him first and see how he responds to that. He may be relieved it's all over. He might have a crush on another girl just like you have one on an other guy. Good luck.


  • It seems that he's just having a hard time in his life because of his grandma. Don't break up with him.


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