Recovered from a bad break up.

P1 and P2 went through a break.P1 had all the support they needed.P2 went through it alone.Which one will come out with more learned from the situation,stronger characteristics?They was left on a island with no food,who will survive the longest?


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  • Which one do you think? The one with all the support is the most likely candidate.

    • I would think P2. He has to get through it along it may take a lot longer.I feel its like a math problem your teacher give and you can't get help,once you find the answer it stick with you.You've learn a couple things.1.You can do anything if you put your my into it.2.Self esteem is higher.3.How to cope in ruff situations.I can go on and on. unlike P1 who will always look for help,has everyone directing their moves.Its just my thought.

  • It would be P1. If they were left on an island, P1 still survive the longest.


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