I saw my ex boyfriend with someone else?

When I saw him with her twice. The first time he left a store as I was entering it. He then separated from her and started to look over his shoulder. He even began to stare at me behind her back like 3 times as if she was not there. The second time I saw him with her walking down the street. He parted ways from the girl and walked ahead of her. It was awkward. She was quiet and I was too. My ex was walking ahead of this girl. This is weird and why does he do this?


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  • Why don't you ask yourself why you behave like that if you were in his position. 50% he don't want you to find out he already had another girl 50% he wants to tell you she's not his girlfriend, or he's stupidly embarrassed when u're around. Whatever, I don't know either, But I do know one thing. He still can't forget u.

    Yep Who can forget their ex inside their heart entirely? Every1 always had a tiny little space inside their heart for their ex.

    • do you think he still have feelings for me?

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  • They are just friends, and when he parted, naturally he walked faster than her.

    You're focusing too much on your ex and what he might or might not be doing. Focus on yourself instead, if you want to put him behind YOU quickly!

  • It seems that she's just a good friend of his.

    • do you think he still have feelings for me?

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