What happened here? Did I do something wrong?

I had a crush on this guy (I say had because I'm kind of pissed at him right now) in my pledge class for my fraternity. At the beginning of the pledging process we discovered that we live right by each other so we started walking back from meetings togethers. Then suddenly he just stopped walking with me. I sort of forgot about him because I was so busy, and then a couple weeks later we had a party at my fraternity and he and I ended up staying after to clean stuff up and we walked back together again and it was like nothing had happened. Then he sat next to me at the meeting the next day. A couple days later I went to the house to pick something up so I could get it signed and I saw him as I was leaving and he asked me to wait for him, so we walked there together. Then the next day we went to the library together to study for something and he told me he had a car and could drive me to the meeting that week and we should go get our stuff signed together later that week. On Friday, we hung out for like, three hours getting our things signed together, and on Sunday he drove me to and from the meeting even though I needed to stay like, an hour longer than he did. Then last weekend we had initiation, and we were sitting next to each other on a couch and some guy said it looked like we were cuddled up together and he and I just laughed it off. Then this girl came in who I know he's friends with and it looked like they were cuddling on the couch (I had moved at this point). Then we were in this room later and he and I were sitting on a bed together with our shoulders and legs against each other even though we both had room to move. So then on Saturday night we had a big party and everyone was really drunk, and he was hanging out with this girl a lot. and we were playing never have I ever and he did one just to get me out. Then later he and the girl were in this room together (I don't know all the details, there may have been other people in there, I don't know), but in my drunken state, I told someone that they were hooking up. She was fine with me the next morning, but I hadn't talked to him until yesterday. He didn't offer to drive me to the meeting or home even though we left a the same time. And he barely talked to me during the meeting. I don't know what happened. I think he might be having a thing with this girl, but I have no idea why he would block me out because of that. I would be totally fine with just being friends.


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  • It sounds like this guy doesn't know how you feel about him, or he is unsure. He might have read your signals and went through the trouble to give you lifts in his car etc. That shows that he IS interested in you (if it be as a friend, or more). but it seems he is just testing the waters.

    But be careful, because he sounds like he might be a bit of a player if he 'cuddles' with other girls and 'spend time in rooms' with them. but drunk guys tend to be a bit more 'free' around girls and can become easily seduced. This doesn't mean he necessarily is a player.

    Firstly ask about him from his friends and yours and see what kind of person he is. If everyone is truthful about him, you will quickly find out if he is a player or not, or if he is some one you will actually be compatible with.

    But then if you are really interested, maybe just tell him. Even if he says no, at least then you know the truth and you don't have to go on worrying about it anymore.

  • You didn't do anything wrong. It seems like you're just a close friend to him.


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