Who should I pick and potentially even marry!?!

After 2 long years of failed dating situations I am in a position with a few guys that I can possibly see myself getting into a serious relationship with. I'm at an age and a point in my life where there's a good chance my next boyfriend will be the man I marry so this choice is freaking me out and obvi the choice is up to me but maybe an outside perspective can help... Who should I pick and why?

A)I was dating this guy 3 months ago & we started to fall for each other fast and instantly had great chemistry & everything was happening way to fast (like exclusive after 3 days of knowing each other and hanging out every day)... He backed off from us, told me he just wasn't into it & I even said to him I think we moved to fast and your just spooked but I know you didn't actually stop liking me... A month later I was right.. He started contacting me again. I told him I wasn't feeling it if he was just going to back off again... & he has actually been showing interest since... we've hung out again after & I know he likes me but needs to move slower than before which is totally understandable. He def has the look I go for and we are very comfortable with each other and can be ourselves.

B) I actually haven't even met this guy yet (it's through online dating) but we've been talking for a few weeks and he's awesome, we're so much alike in so many important ways.. Only reason we haven't met is because he's a surgical med student and I'm also in grad school and we have both been crazy busy with finals over the past few weeks. I feel a connection and we make (mostly him because he's the dude) time to call each other and be in contact like every other day.

C) OK this one I have the most on the line.. We even have a marriage pact.. he has been a close friend for 10 years, he has always admired how silly and playful I am (guys either 100% love this about me or grow to resent this about me) and is the only person I know who is actually funnier and more original than myself but does it the same way that I do and no one else has ever been able to meet me at that level (we use to and still do play awesome good hearted pranks on friends and just come up with silly ideas and we're both the life of the party on the dance floor. He's gotten even better looking with age(he's also incredibly smart and in med school in another country by choice and I'm visiting next week.. he is also moving back near me soon). We have met each others families and they want us to be together ha. We've kissed etc. already and had serious talks about starting a relationship (which would be this spring/ summer), it scares me to date him because this can either be the love of my life or I lose a great friend.

Who do you think I should pick? What should I do?
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  • Listen, I'm sure we can all agree when I say the person you should be marrying is me.


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  • Between guy A and guys C

    1-who gives you most butterflies ?

    2- Who do you feel is attracted to you the most even though you knew each other for a while ?

    I would not rely on the online dating thing.. you can't judge a person online.

    • hmm... Well Guy C isn't afraid to be with me.. Right after things crossed the line the first time (when we first kissed.. I was more spooked then him but he was patient... He went to brunch with my mom, grandma and aunt the next day lol (they are in love with him). Then after he slept over a few months ago we went drinking and dancing... ended up doing the deed and he slept over, and he invited me to go to his parents house to meet them over din.. He's silly but takes me seriously

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    • lol sure but it would be wise to bring comfortable dancing shoes...

    • I have salsa dancing shoes.. so I am ready ! The other night I danced salsa fo 4 hours!

  • If you can't choose one without a doubt, you shouldn't bother with either and find that one person who you know without a doubt is the one for you.

  • It's advisable that you go for Guy C. He's definitely the guy for you since he has the most memories and deepest emotional connections with you.

  • imo if you want other people to make your choices for you then you aren't truly in love with any of them. if you were then you would have already chosen.

    • I agree but no one's really making my choice for me... I'm way to much of an individual for that.. I just think this possibly is a life changing choice and I am leaning more towards one then the other two but want to hear an outside perspective... I've made mistakes in the past because my mind/heart was clouded.. I've been on both ends of a broken heart and thus this choice has to be a logical one and not just emotional

    • listen to your heart not your head and you will do fine :) I would pick C btw

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