She's so confusing! Please help, does she like me?

Me and this girl are pretty good friends, I like her and I think she may like me. I get one day where we have a good conversation, and the next day we may not speak. That's how it's been for the entire year.

Anyways maybe 2 months ago I asked her to go to the school play, her mom came (didn't sit with us) and it was an awkward night. I didn't hold her hand or anything.

At prom 2weeks ago she just came up to me pulled me over and slow danced with me. It was the best part of my night, I had a date for prom but we were just friends.

It really felt like she liked me but things of course went back to normal and some days we talk and some we don't. I've texted her the past 2 Sundays, it's gone okay but both times it ended with her not texting back. I don't always know what to say when texting, but in person we talk pretty good

Last Tuesday was a half day of school, and at the end of the day she was going with a friend to eat. She said "you should've asked me and we could have done something". I texted her later seeing if she could do something after she ate, soon she said "another time?" I said "do you want to?" She said "idk" so I said "I want to another time is that okay?" Then she said "sure"

We didn't talk much the rest of the week until Friday when we walked to class together. Maybe she now thinks I don't like her? Since I didn't ask her out or anything...idk. It's so hard because one day there's some interest, and I act on it. But the next day something happens and it makes me rethink and I back off some. Please help me
Do you think she likes me? Should I ask her to do something after school? I don't really want to do that because its so casual, but it is time with her. Or should I wait until maybe Wednesday and ask her on a date?
I asked her this morning to go to this frozen yogurt place with me afterschool. She texted me like 5 minutes after school ended saying

Her-"do you really want to(go eat"

Me-"You don't?"

Her-"I don't care"

Me-"Well come to [the name of place]"

Her-"ok you there now"

Me-"I'm on my way"

"Okay come inside when you get here ill be waiting
it seemed like she didn't want to go. It was a little awkward at first, we paid separately. I usually do a lot of the talking,she never really starts conversation. I sorta picked (flirting?)on her because of her key ring once we both finished eating-that's what finally got her to start talking, she did the same to me after a minuet. She initiated leaving, I didn't make a move, I hate to just be friends, but do guy and girl friends hang out one? What was today considered/meant?


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  • It's clear that she's pretty much interested in you.


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