How to tell if someone is being flirty or just nice through text?

I’ll spare you guys the whole story, but basically I'm not sure how much this girl likes me. I only know for sure that she finds me attractive, but she knows that I like her. We do the same work study program at college and she specifically said that she doesn’t want it to be awkward between us when we get back if we don't end up together. So since she has a definite interest in at least being casual friends with me, if we’re texting and she’s initiating/responding, how do I know if she is interested or is just being nice?



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  • You can tell that she's interested in you if in person, there's this lingering eye contact. She always try to get your attention, and she's being flirty.

    It's hard to tell through texts because it can be faked.


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  • If a girl likes you she will initiate contact with you. Also never tell a girl you like her dude thats like typing the passcode into the friend zone. The whole thing where she says she dosent want it to be awkward between is a bad sign. You need her to do majority of chasing texting n stuff. Only text a chick when its only about hanging out unless she's your girl

  • You can't. That's why texting is a horrible way to communicate. Talk to her in person

  • Harder to tell through text. In fact, I find that impossible. Better try in person.


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