Ex randomly texts me

Well I have posted a few times here about my ex girlfriend of 2 years, Its been about 2 months since the breakup and I have been doing no contact. I have been working out, going out with other females, feeling good and looking it too. Well I went to local pub after I got done closing my bar with a couple female co workers. I look down at my phone and I had a text from my ex. It said are you up. I said yes and then she replied nvm sorry. A mutual friend said she was at a local bar with some of her girlfriends so I figured it was a drunken text and her girlfriends quickly told her to cease contact and that is why she said nvm sorry. It could be a good sign that I am still on her mind none the less but I was just trying to get others opinions on this. Its the first time she has contacted me about something other than getting my stuff or something work related. How could I turn this to my advantage in getting her back etc. Thanks


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  • You can't turn that to an advantage. Not yet anyway. Don't respond further. Just carry on doing your thing, dating other girls, having fun.

    If she drunk texted you once already (and had girls on hand to make her stop) she will eventually do it again when she's alone.

    • I am assuming it was a drunk text and that her friends made her stop. My fellow female co workers seem to think so as well. I'm hoping for the best but expecting that it was nothing and continue doing me

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  • keep doing what you are doing, she is starting to resurface on her own and that is what you want. We talked about this. Keep up the self improvement

    • we talked tonight and she wants to me to come to her new apt after our girl goes to sleep. She wants to catch up and talk about what we have been up to but she said its not to talk about getting back together. I feel as if that talk will happen and she just doesn't want to come out and say it. Any advice to how to approach this. Could be she is confused said its been hard and she isn't really happy or it could be a booty call idk

    • I guess you are over there as I'm typing this,hopefully you didn't mention getting back together but she may have...I think if you step back and let her lead,u will be back together in no time

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  • If you want to turn it into an advantage you should just not reply for awhile.

  • You should try to text her and invite her to hang out with you.

    That's the best way to take advantage of this.

    • I want to but for all I know that text was meaningless to her.

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