Why did he say this and was he genuine?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 months. Lately things have been shaky, we've fought and argued a lot, and overall I started feeling less happy than before. He's a sweet guy, and just a great guy in general, but sometimes doesn't understand how much stress I am under. A week ago he got angry, he didn't curse at me or anything but for some reason his response and lack of understanding regarding my stress made me cry.

I finally told him about it, as we were about to break up and he went dead silent. He couldn't even come up with a reply. He kept apologizing and saying that even though I said I forgave him, that it's not right. I could tell he was genuinely heartbroken when I told him. We decided to stay together after I told him what the main issue is, and after he told me how he was feeling and we both agreed to work on things.

Here is what I am sure of: He's always been there for me. He definitely cares a lot about me. He says he loves me despite the fact that I don't feel ready to say it back. He constantly tells me to take my time when opening up to him because he knows what I've been through.

Today he hugged me, held me tight, and said, "Don't ever let me do that to you again."

Do you think he was being genuine? I'm still not sure about the relationship, but should I stay after all of this?

It's only his 3rd relationship, and the other 2 were what he calls "immature."
If it matters, he'll be leaving for work for 2 weeks, so I want to make a decision before then.


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  • He's really being genuine. Though it's still up to you if you want to stay with him.


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  • Ive been with my boyfriend for seven months as well and things are starting to get a bit harder, more arguing, feeling more unhappy, times when were close to breaking up, so I understand how you feel! I also have a lot of stress and he doesn't always seem understand he often turns it around and makes me end up feeling worse! + I think he is being genuine when he says stuff like that, if you really love him then yes you should stay after all of this, but only if you can genuinely see you both getting over it and being happy again! if you can't then it won't be worth it and it may also make it harder for you to eventually break up if you drag it out, you need to really think deeply about your decision because you'll only feel worse if you end up regretting it, good luck!:)


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