I don't understand...why would my ex do these things if he´s moved on?

me &my ex were dating for a little over 2 years & he broke up with me...its been 8 months and we recently had a conversation and he asked me if I ever think about where we'd be if we were still together...he still gives me complements but he has a new girlfriend. I. don't understand how he clames to be moved on but yet he calls me cute & plays with me like he did when we were dating. He even showes me pictures of him and his girlfriend during class and then when I put my head down he askes me what's wrong & tells.me to smile...hes eveen been keeping count of how long we've been broken up because he mentioned it & I thought I was the only one who.kept count of how long we've been split especially since I haven't moved on...I guess I just need advice from a guy...like why is he doing this...& this isn't even half of what he's done!


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  • there could be many reasons. none of us are your boyfriend though so we can't know for sure. some possibilities could include:

    he could be keeping you as an option

    he's not happy with his current gf

    he's throwing you breadcrumbs

    he enjoys knowing the fact that you're not over him

    he's trying to set something up where he could have you on the side

    he genuinely misses you

    he just wants to be friends

    he said he moved on but he hasn't really moved on

    he's just messing with you

    the list of reasons could go on forever

    who knows...every guy is different. best advice is to stop showing him you care. act like you've moved on even if you haven't...that's the best way to get him back if getting him back is your end game.

    i would say go no contact but you have class together. don't ignore him because it just shows that you still care. just reply to him with short unemotional answers. if he talks, just reply with a short casual response and go about your business again. it's class, you guys shouldn't be able to talk much anyways unless your teacher is a derp. act like your happy all the time even if you're not. walk to class with a guy friend and socialize with other people.

    never let him think that he has your emotions in the palm of his hand again. don't ever show that you're upset like you did by putting your head down.

    next time he shows you a picture of his girlfriend find one thing to compliment her about and then one thing that doesn't look too good. like say her hair looks really nice, but then say she looks kinda chubby or something lol.. mebe not chubby, say that her makeup looks a bit off...just say random comments without sounding like your'e trying to bash on his new girlfriend. it'll catch him by surprise and make him second guess his decision to pick her over you

    by being sad and depressed you're letting him think he made the right decision. think about it...as of this moment he probably thinks he could waltz right back into your life and you would be so happy to be his girlfriend again doesn't he? why wouldn't he, that's what your actions are showing him. you need to take that safety net away from him.

    once summer comes around, make sure that he doesn't see or hear from you for the whole break. this will be your best chance to raise his interest level in you. go no contact. if he still has feelings for you, he will start wondering what you are up to all summer, who you're hanging out with, if you met someone else. you don't have to meet anybody or do anything...you just need to let his imagination think that you have

    hopefully you can work on improving yourself and make him regret breaking up with you when school starts again.

    good luck

    oh by the way, sometime during this whole process you'll wake up and realize that you deserve much better than this immature dbag


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  • He only wants his freedom..he doesn't want to really 'break up' in the sense of saying goodbye, forever. It's very likely he'll want to get back with you down the road.

    Don't focus on him all the time--you should ALSO be taking advantage of this time of freedom!

    Try to meet new people, not necessarily to start a relationship, but just to expand your horizons as he is doing.

  • Why are you talking with your 'ex'?

    You need to focus on 'you' and 'you' moving on.

    You can't do that with an ex like this in the picture.

    Save yourself the trouble and go no contact.

  • It seems that he cherish your friendship a lot. Don't think much about it.


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  • im not a guy but it seems like he is rubbing her in your face, he broke up with you and knows he has an affect on you, why don't you just ignore him what good can come out of all this, he LEFT u.


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