Why would she do this?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me recently after a 2+ year relationship. I met her in northern cali where I was living at the time but we moved down to MY hometown about 8 months ago and got a place together. I wanted to split on good terms and I was hoping she would move back up north. It couldn't of been anything more than the opposite. Within two weeks, she had already started a new relationship with my brothers boss, the owner of a local restaurant who I thought was my friend; he even catered my sisters wedding. My friends & family knew about it before me because I deleted her FB profile and she was blasting pics of them all over her wall. I had to find out by seeing his company van parked outside a house 3 doors up from mine where she was staying at after she first moved out. When my brother called him out on it, he told him that "there connection was really strong" and that he really didn't care what I thought. She ended up getting a new place 2 streets over and completely skipped out on our lease that had 4 months left on the contract; haven't got a dime from her since she left. I talked to he recently and asked her why she would do this and she said she has done nothing wrong and that she is "just trying to live her life". What do you think about the situation? I have avoided the restaurant since this happened so I don't run in to them but I have seen them out a few times. I'm thinking about moving just to get away from the whole situation.


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  • Some people just don't have any empathy. This guy not caring about what you think and your ex sticking around your life. I am sure this guy is really a "winner." Also, I think she is probably doing all of this for attention and for a reaction, not saying that she is not into this other guy though. You have given her exactly what she is looking for though, attention. You can either stick around and ignore her. This would mean being tormented, but also having social support around you, or you can move and won't have to deal with her. Maybe find someone that doesn't require that sort of attention. If you have a little bit of money and time, you might try going to a life coach that can give you tips on how to deal with this problem and move on to something new, and healthy.


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  • Ah, these modern women, no more conscience than Hilary Clinton. She did this because she doesn't se any reason not to..sosciety doesn't call them out for behavior that any guy would have to fight about.

  • That's because she took your breakup badly. You shouldn't try to have contact with her anymore.


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