Is our relationship a dead-end one? need advice

So me and my boyfriend have been dating for over a year now. Recently, though, we broke up and got back together. He initiated the breakup, stating he couldn't handle my mood swings and thought he "wasnt the guy to handle me." I was completely heartbroken but knew I wanted to fight for him soni sent him a text stating that he was the only guy I wanted to spend my life with, and he knew I was a difficult person when he started dating me. I wasn't even ready for a new relationship when we met, but let my guard down because he was genuinely different and still is. He also initiated getting back together and said he just needed space to himself and didn't know how to handle it.

Well, ever since we got back together a week ago everything just seems different. We did live together and I ended up moving back in with my dad after we broke up. I came up with the choice of moving back in with our parents to save money, but when I brought up looking for a house after we saved up money over the summer, he suggested his little brother and sister rooming with us. ... what?

Hes the one that said he wanted us to live together in the first place and I thought it over for awhile before agreeing with him. What caused our whole breakup was his roommate saying he was moving in with his girlfriend and gave my boyfriend a short notice to figure out what to do. Hea done this to my boyfriend before, only the first time was because he was jealous of me and my boyfriend always spending time together. So immature. I told him he shouldn't let people walk all over him like they do, and he took that as I was bashing him for being nice.

Anyway, since we've gotten back together it seems like I'm the one fighting for our relationship when he's the one that wanted to get back together in the first place. Like he's backing off and not into it. I don't get it. On both of our days off, like today, he wanted to grab something to eat then go workout outside. I told him it was going to rain and didn't want our phones to get ruined and he just said "okay, that's fine. I'm probably going to stay in bed allday anyway. I'm so done with school(: " and didn't make another suggestion of hanging out together. He called me last night when I got off work asking if I wanted to hang out today. Of course I said yes. Now were both doing nothing separately. I don't want to appear clingy, but I don't know what to do with this relationship. I'm always worried that he's going to break up with me again so I'm so cautious to the point of me not being comfortable around him anymore. Advice please?


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  • I'm exhausted just reading that. I think this is a loss cause


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  • He's not worth it anymore. You're always the one working your relationship out.


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  • Question: You mention you feel like you're the only one fighting for it. Please expand?

    • Like when we hang out its to go out to eat and when we get back to his place, he just goea straight to playing his playstation. I figured when we hang out, that whole time will be spent actually hanging out together. Lately I've been the only one calling or texting him. Leaving him little notes everywhere. And he never calls me beautiful, always just sexy. And we never really have conversation with each other because he's always surfing the internet on his phone while were together.

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    • I hope so. I guess I'm just scared to lose him, causing me to be so clingy emotionally. Its driving me crazy. He always wanted to see me before we broke up.

    • And that's normal too, getting a little crazy lol. I just find it a better choice to let him be himself and let him figure stuff out instead of forcing it. That has more value in a relationship to me than being romantic or lovey dovey - it's a great feeling to be accepted even tho you have your quirks! And if he does leave you, he would have left someone amazing because she had that ability to love him for who he is, and therefore doesn't deserve you.

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