Does he want to get back together? He text me. It's a fresh breakup.

My boyfriend and I broke up around 4 weeks ago. We didn't do the "no contact' thing right away. He kept wanting to get back together, and so did I. I let him know that as well. Things are complicated of course, so we were just spending time apart, a break as you could put it, planning on fixing our relationship. Keeping in contact, but not seeing one another. We agreed to go on an "exclusive break" but suddenly he kept reminding me that we were BROKEN UP and out of the blue he deleted me off of Facebook and we didn't speak for four days. Today he text me, asking how I am, what I'm doing, where I am... what is he thinking? I am devastated and didn't want to end it. He was not treating me right, so I couldn't let him continue on. Definitely sending mixed signals. Any input would be appreciated. Is he regretful? thinking of me? or just .. jealous that it appears I'm stronger than he thought I was? ... should I reply? what should I say...


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  • Don't reply. He's just playing with your feelings and it's definitely he's not worth the guy.


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  • Probably you both have some unresolved issues and moreover four weeks is really a short gap to forget a relation even if you people broke off on mutual understanding. Deleting in Social network mm.. when you mad on someone you will do that in temporary rage/emotions. Probably he is not over you completely and even you not over him completely.

    and you know what this kind of relationship which is in between "together" and "not together" hurts more than a breakup. How can you talk to a person in a very different way like just friends or smthng like that, itz impossible unless after having some years of no contact.

    Fix things completely or try to end it. because with time intensity of feelings may reduce at that time you have to build all your relation again. So best thing is if you wana be together with him try to spend time with him and work on the things which didn't work before and treat it like a new relation and a new guy . If not flush everything from mind go for some activities and engage ursself so that you won't have time to think about these issues.

    All d best sweetie... ! Never be desperate that too before a guy :)

    • thank you very much :) I'm hurting horribly.. but things work out as they should.

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