Is it wrong to still love an ex and have that one thought in your head?

f***ing A! What the f*** lol. So I'm in a relationship with this awesome guy. He is so nice and he is amazing! Like nothing is wrong at all. Yes I think he is falling to quick for me, but whatever right? I don't know I guess the problem is that my ex boyfriend of three years decided to tell me out of the blue that he wants me back and that he's not happy with his girlfriend. I mean seriously! Why now, after all this time. After me chasing him and fighting for him to be with me and not her. I even told him since day one after he cheated on her with me that their relationship isn't going to work out.

Now he figures that out. That the puzzle piece clearly doesn't fit. I mean now that I found someone, he tells me this. Maybe because he doesn't like the thought of me kissing another guy or even seeing me with him. When I had to suffer through that when I was looking and acting like a fool to be with him again. I cried myself to sleep every single night, and just broke down during the day.

Me and his relationship was so dysfunctional, we both did things that we shouldn't of. I mean I still love him and I still care for him, but I mean what happens if we did get back together and the same sh*t happens and all we will do is fight, I'm scared for that. I wanted to try, and now I don't even know.

I mean I really like my boyfriend as of now, and I can start fresh where he can't judge me of my past and I can just be me without getting put down or even looking over my shoulder. I mean I guess what I'm trying to say or ask here is...what now? What do I do?

I'm so confused and I shouldn't be. I mean I think I'm falling for my boyfriend every time we hang out, whenever I can see him since he's in the military.

But is it wrong for me to still love my ex in a way?


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  • You should stick to your boyfriend.

    Your ex just want you back because he failed in the dating world.

    You're just like a back burner to him.


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  • is it wrong for you to still love your ex while you have a boyfriend?... YES. nothing bothers me more than being with a girl who is still hung up over her ex. I don't care how it ended, but when you start dating again, that's when you need to move on with your life. If you like him, be with him. But don't build a relationship that you know you will destroy because of your ex boyfriend.

    ... damn.

  • No offense, but I feel sorry for your boyfriend for a few different reasons. lol Not much different than most guys in relationships.

    You're going to have to make a decision. Either you prefer your ex, so you dump your current boyfriend. Or you prefer your current boyfriend and you cut ALL ties with your ex.


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  • It's not wrong but you can't move on until you dealt with those feelings


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