I'm 20 years old and my strict parents won't let me see my boyfriend

I met my boyfriend at our university and we've been together for 7 months. Everything is going great and I think I might have found my true love, but there's one problem. He lives 4 hours away from me and he would be willing to come visit me but I have extremely traditional African parents and they won't let him spend the night in our house and won't let me spend the night at his. our mutual friend invited us both to his lake house next weekend and I'm at the point where I miss my boyfriend so much I'm considering going no matter what my parents say, but I'm scared of what my parents will do when I get back.. I'm 20 years old and I'm still being treated like a child. help? experience? comments?


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  • Just go, and worry about things later on.


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  • You are 20 years old and you are allowed to do anything you want...

    ..only if you are moved out and on your own. Sucks to say but you are under your parents roof and if that is a rule that they have, then you need to keep respecting that.

    Are you financially able to live out on your own?

    • traditionally, I'm not allowed to move out until I'm married

    • I know I am just a stranger but its hard to break away from what you really want to do. I am sure you want to make your parents happy and they taught you morals and brought you up well, but there is a whole new world out there.

      Some people don't ever get a chance to see it. No one can force you to do anything you don't want to do but just consider how much happier you will be when you are out on your own and you can decide who and who you can't date.

  • I wish more parents would do this with their daughters honestly and prevent them from dating. Maybe today's women wouldn't be so f***ed up...

    • f*** you

    • Only calling it how it is ;)

      Prevent them from dating when they're young that is. Not forever. Till they're 22 is a good age.

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  • leave

  • Lie and say you're going to another city for the day with your friends


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