Would you break up like this?

Lately my girlfriend and I have been going through a rough patch. For the past month things haven't been great due to stress and both of us being tired. She said she wanted to take a break, but we talked about it and I mentioned that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything if I didn't know what was going to happen to our relationship. We talked for an hour, got a few laughs in, and pretty much went off topic. She started talking about summer plans between us, and I asked how she was now feeling about the relationship. She said she "forgot we were even going to take a break." We both laughed it off.

She knows I will be taking my MCAT soon, is there a chance she is planning to end things after I take the MCAT? And is only keeping the relationship going so I can focus, as a favor to me?

She still calls and texts to talk, but texting has gone down a lot, although she has major exams coming up too (Vet school, etc.).

Should I be worried, or am I being crazy?

Before all of this we had a small fight that progressed quite a bit, but we talked it out.
I should also mention that she didn't try to resist holding my hand, or kidding today. She just seems less into our conversations now.


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  • These sorts of subtle changes are pretty telling. She may not have set herself a deadline to break up, but she has probably already decided to leave at a convenient time. After the tests?

    Maybe--shje also doesn't want to be distracted by relationship trauma right now. so she's being civil until the right time comes.l

    • I thought so as well. She still initiates texts sometimes, and is the one who calls me at times. It's definitely gone down quite a bit. She does still get annoyed when I am around other girls. 2 nights ago I was at a studygroup with 3 of the girls who will be taking the MCAT at the same time as me. She asked me if I made it to the study group safely -long drive. I said yes and mentioned who I was studying with. She got a bit more uncomfortable than usual that I was around other girls

    • however I explained to her that I was going to leave after the group was over and she said it was fine. She wasn't hesitant at all to kiss me, and when I went to hold her hand she responded positively. Getting her to laugh was also a good sign I think. I'm not really sure though, something feels different.

    • The nonverbal signs are more important, unfortunatelyu, than her words. I mean, sure she stil likes you..it's not that sort of break-up.

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  • I know its hard not knowing what someone else is planning, there has to be a reason she wanted a break to begin with, I would let her do most of the initiating at this point since she seems confused about this whole relationship thing..this way you will know how she truly feels.Just focus on getting through the MCAT because ultimately whether she is there or not, you worked hard for that and this is for your future. Everything will fall into place in the end


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  • You're quite over analyzing things. She's not going to end things off after that.


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