Why did he move closer to me during our conversation?

I just realized that while I was talking to this guy When I walked up and said hi I was facing him straightforward probably 3-5 feet apart. But by the time we had been talking awhile, he was next to me probably nor more then a foot away. Why did he do this? I did notice that before he left, when he said bye, he kinda hesitated for minute like he wanted to hug me, but didn't because his friend came up to let him know it was time to leave..Do you think he was trying to set up a hug but then chickened out or something
And by the way, This was the second time we talked that day. Originally he had come over to talk to me but I had to go somewhere, but I then came back later so we could talk more


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  • Its an awkward distance to have a conversation with someone from 5 feet away. He was just getting closer to hear you better and just so y'all could enjoy each others company. If he was too close and in your personal space, then I don't know what to tell you because that's just odd. But he might not even be coming on to you or anything because I always hug girls as a goodbye just because it's comforting. Don't read too much into it.

  • It seems that he was physically attracted to you.


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