Guys ONLY: Girlfriend on Ex boyfriends Facebook!

So I went away to trucking school which was a month and when I came back my girlfriend was at work so I checked her internet history. I found that only a few days ago she had been on her Ex boyfriends Facebook (her ex beat her before), so I looked at them.

28 pages of pictures she went through, him with out a shirt flexing, him in a car etc.

I confronted her about it.

Girlfriend: Oh that was forever ago (first lie)

ME: no it was yesterday!

Girlfriend: Oh well I must have accidently clicked his profile (28 times? That's a huge mis click)

Finally she admits to it.

She says: "Oh I just went on his profile to make sure he wasn't trying to find me"


So guys.

Why do you think she was REALLY on his fb?

Do you buy her story or think she's full of it?
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  • She's completely lying to save face
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The 2 she's telling the truths I believe based on the structure of the sentencing and the capitalization that they are by the same person. they will not be counted.

Also any comments from the girls are disregarded, thank you anyway for input.


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  • Oh she was clearly looking at those pecks and getting hot. Because even a**holes sometimes give you wetdreams and good past-sex is still good stuff.

    In all seriousness it probably did have to do with some form of sexual / emotional behavior.


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  • um to be honest sometimes I check up on my exes on Facebook when I'm just bored and curious. did she click on his profile off the homepage or something? because that is completely normal on Facebook, you click on someone's profile after seeing their name on your homepage and browse haha.

    about the lying, it kinda sounds like she was panicking. I lie like that sometimes when I panic. like it sounds like she didn't want you to look into it or think anything of it, but she was curious about her ex boyfriends life. that's all, she doesn't want him back.

  • Wow, you guys have some major issues.

    Firstly, it does look like she was checking out her ex's Facebook, but there could be a lot of reasons for that. Maybe she was seeing if he still affected her in any way (checking to see if she is over him.) or maybe she was checking to see if he had moved on from her (You said he was abusive, I'd try and keep tabs on someone like that just to make sure they're not waiting outside my door).

    Secondly, you CHECKED her browsing history? What's up with that? That's a complete invasion of privacy and shows a lack of distrust on your part.

    If you don't have trust in a relationship, there really isn't a relationship at all.

    • Hi there, if you trust someone completely your an outright fool, deception is in human nature. Second Major issues. I am a PI. When people lie and are acting "off" I wonder why? So ask yourself this. If what she did was "okay" ask yourself: Why lie? and why hide it? Reason? Because you knew it was wrong in the first place and you knew it was not okay. Otherwise no reason to hide or lie.

      Of course I don't trust her. 3'rd time she's lied to my face. If I lied to you, you'd not trust me either.

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    • Relationships are meant to be about trust and committing to another person. If you're not able to trust someone, you shouldn't be with them. I'm not saying you should trust everyone, but what's the point of being in a relationship if you're always looking over what she's doing.

      I never said what she did was okay, my point is you don't and won't ever know why she was doing it unless she tells you.

      If she's lied to you multiple times, why are you still with her? It's obviously bothering you.

    • the anonymous girl is right, relationships are about trust and commitment and you are clearly not trusting her so you should end it. I don't blame you though given she's lied to your face multiple times (I'd be frustrated too), but if you tried to get the truth and make it clear calmly that she doesn't need to hide anything from you, that you trust and love her and want to just know her better and she still hides stuff and lies? Then I'd be even more worried and probably end things.

  • She's still into her ex

  • Well how is the relationship going, do you feel like she is passionate about you or loosing interest?

    • Not really the case, I feel she is lying to save face I don't buy her excuse because how is looking through countless pictures of the man going to tell her if he's staying away? He holding a sign saying "looking for *insert girlfriends name*"? I'd prefer a brutely honest answer as apposed to a save-face answer.

      she seems to have little interest but says otherwise

What Guys Said 2

  • She's a girl is she not? Deceit, thy name is woman.

    She's not over him and ya... she's f***ed up -_- sounds like an immature little girl who still is into a**holes and hasn't grown up.

  • Just believe her, and let bygones be bygones.

    She was beat by her ex, so it's not likely she'll go back.


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