Boyfriend? Or brother?

There's this really cool Spanish girl in my class. I like her, and she is giving me all the signs that she likes me back (sort of rubs up against my arm, is a little handsy when she talks and touches me, laughs at all of my jokes, even the corny ones, draws silly pictures or plays games with me on my notebook, and got her number no problem). We text a lot, even though I'm the one who starts it.

But a lot of times after class there is this guy who waits for her. He is just a little bit taller then her, and they're both the same race. They never hug or show signs of affection, but they always leave school together (btw this is a night class). I wouldn't over think this at all but every time we both leave class together she gets awkward and just says goodbye to me before going to that dude. I don't really believe that it is her Boyfriend but I'm not entirely sure. Do ladies get embarrassed over their brothers? I dont' have a sibling so I wouldn't relate to the scenario at all.

and PS: I know what everyone will say "ask her yourself" Yeah, I will when the time is right, but I still would like to know what you guys think. I like different peoples perspectives.
oh and another sign that she flirts, we lock eyes. all. the time.


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  • Definitely sounds like she likes you. My gut feeling is that the guy is her brother or cousin because if it were her boyfriend and they were in a happy relationship, they'd probably hug or kiss. At the very least, he'd put his arms around her shoulders. Since you say there's none of that going on, I'd take that as a good sign.

    Girls do get embarrassed about their brothers, mostly when they're with their friends or with a guy they like. That's another good sign.

    You're right, you should definitely should ask her yourself when you get the chance. But if you want to do some investigating beforehand, you could slyly mention something (by way of text) about her boyfriend, like "What do you normally do after class? Hang out with your friends or boyfriend?" or "You're such a nice person! Your boyfriend is a lucky guy." You'll find out her relationship status in her reply. If you don't want to be that forward, ask if she has siblings. Good luck :)


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  • I think she likes you.


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  • She really does like you a lot. They just don't show much affection because they might be taken wrongly by the public.


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