Ladies, what would you do if you discovered your boyfriend had shrunken?

You can answer either or both.

What would you do if you found a cute, one inch tall man? (Could be your boyfriend/guy you have a crush on)

What would you do if that guy was someone you disliked? (Ex-boyfriend/guy who won't leave you alone?)

(I just watched my childhood favorite movie Honey We Shrunk Ourselves and wondered how the end would have played out if it was significant others who found the shrunken characters instead of their children)


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  • I would try to get him to regular size again


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  • At that size he would be worthless, hed be better off in my tummy ;-)

    • Why in your tummy? Haha, did you think of that because of the scene in the movie where the dads almost get eaten when they land in the chip dip?

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    • @marking45 Yes only boys! :D You can and will be :P

    • I’d have to get my digest proof armour on then!

  • If I found my enemies that small, I would trap them and cook them to death under lethal UV rays, then scatter their charred remains in my garden.


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