How do I know he means what he says.

I'm seeing my ex after a very long time apart. The reason for the split has been resolved, so that part is OK. It's basically a new relationship.

He was very excited about the prospect of reuniting before our first date, now seems less. He swears that's not the case, and the last thing I want to do is drive him away by being clingy or pushy.

His behavior is not isolated to me, his family gets the same sort of attention.

I guess my main questions are how to show interest without pushing him away? Everyone tells you to pull back and not be clingy or needy, but I'm so scared out of sight will equal out of mind...

It's driving me nuts and we are far too old for it.

Thanks so much!


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  • Follow your instincts and your gut because they are never wrong. And if her or any other partner doesn't respond well to your actions based solely on your instincts and what you feel is right. Then clearly he isn't the one for you. If you have to constantly manage your image in not appearing too needy or too clingy or w.e maybe this relationship isn't one that you want to be in. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and if someone isn't as interested as you would like them to be, or is standoffish, then why continue? When you could be much happier in a relationship, instead of constantly analyzing if you re doing something wrong or coming off in a bad light. Trust your gut, it's always right

  • Just be honest, with him and with yourself. Out of sight doesn't always equal out of mind when it comes to relationships. If he wants to make it happen, he will. But you should follow those same rules.


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