Wouldn't you be upset/angry?

So my ex and I were together for 5 months officially, unofficially it was more like 8 months, a good portion of that was long distance and although it was hard at times we were making it work. Or so I thought.

I went on a trip with my family during spring break and during that week we didn't get to talk regularly but our last Skype date before spring break ended really well and we still chatted a little during my break.

When I got back from break he told me he was seeing someone else and that he was really sorry. Then it took him nearly a month and 1/2 to sit down and talk to me about what happened. When he told me at first I was upset and then I was just really mad and he said he didn't understand why I was so upset but he hoped we could still be friends. Since then (it's been about two weeks since we talked) we've rebuilt our friendship a little but he still thinks I was overreacting.

A little more detail: he was my first kiss and it took long enough for us to decide to try the long distance thing that we were both fully committed, not to mention that out of the 5 months that I was going to be gone we only had a month and 1/2 left.

I know, he's my ex and I should move on already but I'm just curious if you agree


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  • he is a jerk,i would be upset,like he replaced you during the week you were on vacation,hes a douche bag


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  • I wouldn't be upset/angry. After all, she's my ex and what she do about her dating life is not of my concern.

    • he wasn't my ex when he started seeing the other girl, we didn't really put a label on our relationship but we were exclusive

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  • I would be pissed


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